Building Your Influence Online and Off with Kerry Gorgone: Podcast Ep. 023

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If you’re interested in speaking at conferences and/or being a guest on podcasts, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

I met my guest Kerry Gorgone over 8 years ago and I’ve seen her influence rise, both online as she’s become the host of the MarketingProfs podcast and a contributing writer to well-known sites like Social Media Explorer and, as well as offline through speaking and training.

In this episode, Kerry and I talk about how she got started speaking, how she approaches creating her presentations and engaging the audience, what makes a great podcast guest, and much more.

About My Guest: Kerry Gorgone is the host of the Marketing Smarts podcast and Director of Product Strategy for Training at MarketingProfs. She trained as a lawyer and is now a speaker, educator, and contributing writer to Spin Sucks, Huffington Post, {grow} blog, Social Media Explorer,, and more.


  • Repurposing content from Q&A sessions at speaking engagements
  • The value of meeting people in person to build relationships
  • The process Kerry took to get speaking engagements in the beginning
  • Tailoring your presentation for the audience
  • The kinds of stories Kerry uses in her presentations
  • Tips for engaging the audience
  • What to put on your slides and what to include in handouts
  • How showing up at conferences can lead to speaking engagements
  • What makes a great podcast guest
  • What to put in your podcast pitch email
  • What Kerry sees companies doing that they shouldn’t regarding content marketing
  • Marketing trends, including marketing automation and personalization


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