Workshop-Carol-100715Interested in an in-person workshop for your group?

We can facilitate a 2-hour, half day, or full day workshop for 8-25 people. The interactive workshop includes instruction, group discussions, and individual activities.

Many of these topics can also be delivered online via webinar.

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Popular workshop topics:

  • E.P.I.C. Storytelling for Your Brand → Learn how to build a compelling narrative using the Speaking Your Brand™ story structure framework and E.P.I.C. Communication Model for pitching products, services and ideas. Participants will also craft personal stories that quickly establish trust with others.
  • Create Your Signature Talk → Participants will be guided to create their own presentation, from beginning to end, using the Speaking Your Brand™ Signature Talk Canvas™, which incorporates timeless elements from 3-act story structure and the hero’s journey, applied in a business and marketing context. 
  • The 3 P’s of Powerful Presentations: Package, Preparation, & Performance → Learn how to select the most important content for your presentations, prepare using techniques that top-level speakers use, and deliver your presentation confidently while keeping your audience engaged.  
  • E.P.I.C. Leadership for Women → Women professionals learn how to have a bigger impact and become an influencer in their company, industry, and community. They are guided to create their strategic visibility roadmap using the Speaking Your Brand™ E.P.I.C. Leadership Model, so they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

The workshop content and activities can be customized for your particular group’s needs.

“Carol gave just the right amount of actionable information that kept us productive but prevented us from being overwhelmed. The exercises were clearly connected to business outcomes and I found them both fun and enlightening. We are bringing her back by popular demand and I highly recommend Carol as a speaker, facilitator and teacher!” – Shea Glenny, weVenture

Shea Glenny, weVenture

Jan Edwards, Paving the Way

“I attended a 1/2 workshop with Carol prior to presenting at InnovateHer. Her easy to use and simple to follow presentation plan really made a difference for me in preparing for my 2 min talk. Carol’s guidance and unwavering stand for us to succeed as business women is so greatly appreciated. She’s straightforward with her coaching all wrapped in love. I highly recommend working with her to get yourself prepared to speak powerfully.” – Jan Edwards, Paving the Way

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