Improve Your Current Presentation to Increase Results

Are you losing out on potential leads & sales because your presentation is not persuasive or engaging enough?

Let’s make your presentation wow the audience to action!

Here’s how we’ll work together:

  • Presentation Review

    We’ll review your current slide deck and outline for content cohesion, flow, a compelling story arc, a strong opening and closing, and aesthetics.

  • 90-minute Strategy Session

    We’ll have a 90-minute call where we’ll go over the presentation and you’ll receive suggestions for re-structuring it to make it more emotionally impactful and include a stronger close. We’ll also talk about audience interaction activities you can incorporate to get people interested and engaged.


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I loved working with Carol, she was so informative and helpful transforming the powerpoint that I use for weight loss workshops from dull and teetering on boring to fun and educational. I have presented it a number of times now and have a very high close rate of people signing up for our weight loss program. I have also received thank-yous and compliments each time I have presented it. I know I am changing people’s lives with this info and I am so grateful to Carol for helping me present it in a more fun and engaging way.”

— Emily Countryman, Ideal Wellness


I am so grateful for Carol’s expertise and coaching in crafting my signature talk. If I hadn’t worked with Carol, I would have been writing my slides on the plane and reading them as I spoke. Instead I was able to stay ahead of the curve, craft my talk and slides well in advance and deliver a well received presentation. The icing on the cake was being asked to speak at another (larger) conference this year by one of my audience members. I also gained several new coaching clients from this one speaking engagement

— Natalie Eckdahl, BizChix