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The Best of One-on-One & Group Coaching, Accountability, and Community.

You're applying for the best of what we offer to help you achieve your goals: ONE-ON-ONE coaching in a VIP Day Accelerator to create your signature talk plus our 3-month group coaching program to help you position and market yourself as a speaker,

Why an application? The application gives you a way to indicate your interest without having to put down a payment just yet.

Answering the questions on the application will give you insight and clarity on what areas you want to work on and the goals you want to achieve (there are no wrong answers).

We'll then follow up to schedule a 20-30 minute call. We've found that talking one-on-one can help answer questions you have and you can get to know us.

We seek a diversity of women from different backgrounds, topics, industries, ages, races, ethnicities, and sexualities, as we know how much diversity enriches the conversation and community for all of us.

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