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Pam Andrews
Founder of, Speaker, Podcaster

Your coaching was what I needed to get all of my ideas out of my head in a structured framework that would take the presentation to the next level. Sometimes when you work with people it is hard to quantify the results but this is NOT one of those times.

I delivered my newly created keynote and I received $15,000 in sales directly from my presentation.

This was not by accident: we had worked together with the end in mind knowing what I would be offering and crafted a keynote that would not only be valuable to the audience but create a seamless transition to the offer.”

— Amber De La Garza, Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur


If you need to go to the next level with your public speaking and want a unique and effective way to present your ideas, Speaking Your Brand will help you create a signature talk that is stage ready.

You are making an investment in yourself that is absolutely worth it. It is a very personal experience to meet your needs.

You will literally watch your signature talk get created before your eyes. They have the art of communication down to a science.

— Karen Corbin, Ph.D., Geeks That Speak