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Podcast Ep. 5: [Coaching] Niching & Pitching for Business Success with Edie Berg

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It seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true: the narrower the niche for your business (or podcast), the more successful it will be. In this episode, I talk with my guest Edie Berg about her shift in focus from strong women to strong Jewish women, some of her concerns in making this change, and why she ultimately decided to do it.

We cover a lot, including:

  • Why you need to niche down in your business
  • Why Edie decided to shift from talking to all business women to focusing on Jewish women
  • One of the reasons that almost kept Edie from making this shift
  • How being open about your identity and what matters to you gives validation and permission to others
  • How Edie’s online summit is set up and her business model for it
  • What Edie looks for in selecting podcast guests
  • When pitching for podcasts or speaking engagements, why what you do isn’t as important as your bigger message
  • The angle I used to get on podcasts last fall and why it worked
  • How Edie can pitch sponsors for her online summit
  • My advice for creating an elevator speech

Edie Berg is the founder of The Strong Women’s Club, whose mission is to promote Jewish women’s leadership and to build a community of Jewish women who support one another, through workshops and masterminds. As she says on her website, “No politics, no judgement. Each member celebrates her Judaism in her own wonderful way.”

Edie is the creator of the Strong Jewish Women’s online summit, which is The World’s Largest Online Symposium for Jewish Women, which is coming up soon. It’s entirely free to participate: 5 days, 2 live panels, over 40 interviews and practical sessions. You’ll hear stories from Jewish women leaders and learn practical and useful tools and tips to grow your business.

This summit grew out of Edie’s podcast, The Strong Women’s Club, which highlights the behind-the-scenes stories of successful Jewish women.

I met Edie because we’re currently in a mastermind together and I’ve been on her podcast (episode 66), before her decision to niche down from strong women to strong Jewish women, which is part of what we discuss in this episode.


You can connect with Edie on her website at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com.

Register for Edie’s free online summit for Jewish women = http://thestrongjewishwomenssummit.com/

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Strong-Womens-Club/717444848336523

Twitter = https://twitter.com/edieberg

LinkedIn = https://www.linkedin.com/in/edieberg/

I was on Edie’s Strong Women’s Club podcast episode 66 = http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/066-tv-democratic-analyst-and-speaking-mentor/

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