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How Publishing a Book Impacts Your Speaking Opportunities with Jan Bowen: Podcast Ep. 019

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Have you thought about writing a book to boost your personal brand, your business, or your speaking career (or probably all three!)? I know I have, which is why I got a lot out of my conversation with author, executive coach, and keynote speaker Jan Bowen.

In this episode, we talk about why Jan chose to write her book “It’s Not That Complicated”, how she selected her publisher, what hybrid publishing is, and whether the book has helped Jan’s speaking opportunities.

We also get into a meaningful discussion about Jan’s signature talk topic and what happens when we don’t live our life purpose. As Jan says, “If we deny what we’re born to do, we just won’t thrive.”

I’ve gotten to know Jan over the past year and really admire her wisdom and focus and her authentic desire to spotlight the work that others do. Check out her Instagram and YouTube videos to see what I mean.

Jan has been a high-level consultant and coach since 2003, leveraging her experience, skills, and knowledge to help executives and enterprises transform their businesses. As founder and principal of Strategic Solutions Services, LLC, Jan has leveraged her over 30 years of corporate and personal experience, skills, and knowledge to help leaders reach the next level of their creative aspirations.


  • The genesis of Jan’s book
  • The importance of having a methodology when working with clients
  • Process of writing her book
  • Why Jan chose not to self-publish her book
  • What hybrid publishing is and how it works
  • How having a book has impacted Jan’s speaking opportunities
  • The importance of your book being meaningful and authentic
  • What Jan’s book is about and what her life purpose is
  • The difference between your life purpose, vision, mission, and values
  • Jan’s signature talk topic
  • What happens when we don’t live our life purpose and what we can do about it


Connect with Jan on her website = https://janlbowen.com/

Jan’s book “It’s Not That Complicated” = https://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-That-Complicated-Personalized/dp/1599326582/

Jan’s writings = https://janlbowen.com/private-musings/

Jan’s Instagram = @JLBowen13

Jan’s Twitter = @JanLBowen

Advantage Media/Book Publishing = http://advantagefamily.com/

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