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Getting Better Results from Your Online Marketing with Carolyn Delaney [Coaching]: Podcast Ep. 017

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If you’ve listened to some of my other episodes, you’ve heard me help my clients with on-air coaching calls. Now, I’m turning the tables and having someone do a strategy session on me.

My guest Carolyn Delaney is the founder of, which helps creatives and makers by taking care of their technology needs and digital presence through email marketing, SEO, content marketing, ecommerce, and online advertising to amplify their message, reach more of their customers, and sell more of their products.

In this episode, you get a peek inside the marketing and technology I’m currently using for my business and for this podcast, and Carolyn asks me insightful questions that you should be asking yourself and gives recommendations you can use as well.


  • The danger of the DIY entrepreneurial movement in technology and marketing
  • Being intentional about technology and making sure it’s the right tool for what you need
  • Working in your zone of genius and hiring experts to work in theirs
  • Carolyn asks me what lights me up in my business, the outcomes my clients get, and who my target audience is
  • The technology I’m currently using for my online group program
  • How I’m using my Facebook group, what social media platforms I use, and what SEO and online advertising I’ve done
  • The value of testing hypotheses and assumptions in our marketing
  • The pros and cons of automated posting to social media
  • What is the ROI we’re getting from social media – know your goal and the results you’re getting
  • What has been working for me to get clients
  • Content I should add to my website for SEO
  • How Carolyn works with her clients for their marketing and technology

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